Galatians 3 & 4 Devotion and Reading Guide

October 27, 2014
27 Oct 2014

Free: a study of Galatians

Monday ­

●  Read Genesis 12 and 15
●  Point to ponder: Faith in the Gospel is all God asks of us.
●  Question to Consider: What was so special about Abram’s faith and would you trust God like this?


●  Read Galatians 3.1­-26
●  Point to ponder: The Law was supposed to point us to the Gospel’s freedom.
●  Question to Consider: Where are you following a law other than the Gospel?


●  Read Galatians 3.27­ – 4.20
●  Point to ponder: We are easily attracted back to religious ways.
●  Question to Consider: What other ways of living or attractive to your spiritually and why?


●  Read Galatians 4.21­-5.1
●  Point to ponder: There is a major difference between a free man’s kids and a slaves kids.
●  Question to Consider: What is the difference between a freed Christ follower and a religious Christ follower?


●  Read John 8.30­-59
●  Point to ponder: Only the Son of God can set us free by the Gospel.
●  Question to Consider: What specific things has He set you free from?

Galatians 2 Devotion and Reading Guide

October 20, 2014
20 Oct 2014

Free: a study of Galatians


  • Read Acts 15
  • Point to ponder – The Gospel frees us from ritual
  • Question to consider – What “rituals” in your life are you adding to the Gospel?


  • Read Galatians 2.1-10 5 times
  • Point to ponder – The pure Gospel is the true Gospel
  • Question to consider – Who are you preserving the Gospel for? (Focus on verse 5)


  • Read Galatians 2.11-14 5 times
  • Point to ponder – We need to live fearlessly to spread the Gospel.
  • Question to consider – What makes you afraid when it comes to spreading the Gospel?


  • Read Galatians 2.15-19 5 times
  • Point to ponder – Justification through Christ means: just as if I’ve never sinned AND just as if I’ve always obeyed.
  • Question to consider – If you are a believer, how do you need to remind yourself of your justified state in Christ? If you aren’t a believer what holds you back from embracing justification.


  • Read Galatians 2.20-21 5 times
  • Point to ponder – Jesus substituted Himself for your justification.
  • Question to consider – what emotions rise up in you as that soaks in?

Galatians 1 Devotion and Reading Guide

October 13, 2014
13 Oct 2014

Free: a study of Galatians

Monday (Background to Galatians):

  • Read Acts 13-14 This is where the churches in Galatia were planted.
  • Point to ponder – The Gospel gives birth.
  • Question to consider – Who needs to be born again in your life?


  • Read Galatians 1.1-5 5 Times
  • Point to ponder – Jesus sacrificed to save you.
  • Question to consider – What did Jesus save YOU from?  Be specific.


  • Read Galatians 1.6-10 5 Times
  • Point to ponder – Jesus + ANYTHING else is NOT the Gospel.
  • Question to consider – Who are you seeking to please?


  • Read Galatians 1.11-17 5 Times
  • Point to ponder – You were loved before you had life.
  • Question to consider – When did you belied the Gospel?


  • Read Galatians 1.18-24 5 Times
  • Point to ponder – Glory is given to the Changer.
  • Question to consider – How has God changed you?


October 6, 2014
06 Oct 2014


We have things that take us captive and entrap us.  Addictions, anger, debt, pain, past, religion and so much more imprison us.  The Gospel frees us and helps us break the vicious cycles that devastate us.  Check out FREE our series on the book of Galatians starting October 12th at 10am.

Free Graphic

Lost & Found

September 15, 2014
15 Sep 2014

Lost Found

When something valuable is missing you look for it.  You search for it until you find it.  Hope is missing in lives today.  The loss of hope stems from many different things: economic issues, relationship problems, religious abuse, and the feeling like there is no way forward.  At CityView Church we know that there is hope!

The Lost & Found series is going to focus on Luke 15 helping us find hope and lose religion.  Don’t miss Sundays at CityView at 10am.  Lost & Found kicks off on September 21st.



Signing Day

August 25, 2014
25 Aug 2014

Signing Day

On September 14th CityView Church gets members!  Don’t miss this big day in the life of CityView Church.  Those who decide to be members will be signing individual church covenants and taking communion.  After the worship gathering we will be celebrating together with lunch.  This is an important day in the life of CityView Church.  Come be a part of it.

To review our church covenant download it here.

For questions please email us at:


July 3, 2014
03 Jul 2014




CityView Church is about making Gospel-Centered disciples of Jesus and planting churches throughout the Houston area.  Find out more about CityView’s Vision, Values, and Strategy over the Summer at CityView Church.    Starting on July 6th and running through the rest of the Summer we’ll be talking about what makes CityView Church what it is and what we hope to be.  Don’t miss this series at CityView Church starting on July 6th at 10am.

Soccer Day Camp

June 11, 2014
11 Jun 2014


High Power Soccer Day Camp

Who: EVERYONE!  Kids 5 to 10 years old will participate in the High Power Soccer Camp. We have a Mommy and Me segment for Pre K4 and under as well.

When: June 23-27th from 10am – 12pm.

Where: Silverlake Recreation Center (2705 Southwyck Parkway Pearland, TX 77584)

What: Kids will learn basic soccer skills, get lots of exercise and enjoy singing, skits, and Bible teaching.

Contact Info:

Phone: 713.204.0692


Made Men

June 2, 2014
02 Jun 2014

Made Men Graphic

Men are…

Strong, dumb, useful, useless, lazy, powerful, and a hundred other adjectives.  This series is designed to help point out what men are called to be by God.  It’s a series for men…and everyone else.  While our focus will be on becoming God’s man there will be application and teaching for women as well.  Don’t miss this series June 8th – 29th.


OVERFLOW – Preteen Camp

May 21, 2014
21 May 2014


Place: Trinity Pines
Dates:  July 12-16th
Price:  $190 (scholarships available)
Camp Website:
Overflow Preteen Camp Video:

CityView Church will have 2 adult chaperones attend camp with our CityView kids.

You are welcome to come and chaperone as well.

Interested? Email Pastor Travis for further details.